Who We Are – The People Behind F&F

We are startup evangelists and infographic authors. Our mission is to inspire everyone from engineers to moms to do a startup. Our latest project is the upcoming infographic book Becoming an Entrepreneur. We also do a series of infographics about entrepreneurship, help companies to create viral infographics and organized Life 3.O startup show.

Anna Vital

Startup Evangelist, Lawyer

Mark Vital

Startup Evangelist, Hacker

Anna Vital, the founder Mark Vital, the founder
 Started hacking when I was 11, back when it was Visual Basic. Then became a Sinologist and a lawyer. A thousand pizzas later, I am a startup person;) Btw, if you ever wonder whether you can achieve something… yes you can. Passionate hacker, entrepreneur, and marathon runner. My mission is to bring technology closer to people. When I am not hacking, I am hacking.

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