Life 3.0 – Love, Sex, and Tech

Life 3.0 is an innovation show by startups that change the way you live.  Life 3.0 is the next era after Web 2.0, when internet comes off the screen and enters our lives.You will see how startups are redesigning dating, social interaction, relationships, and sexual experiences.  

               WHEN      April 18th, 2012, 7:00pm

               WHERE   The Fairmont Hotel 950 Mason St. San Francisco

               WHAT      50 startups + 800 early adopters, funders, and media


If you stopped by the Fairmont Hotel on the night of Apr 18, you would have seen what happens what you put startup entrepreneurs to the task of creating dating and sex products. No, it was not your regular dating sites. How about reverse dating sites? iPhone vibrators? Slow Sex manuals? Date-in-a-box? DINK (double-income no-kids) life?
45 different startups came to complete for the title of the Best Startup. The entire audience of more than 500 people voted. And the winners is – a New York Startup that enables you to let good-looking strangers know that you are interested. Founded by Lori Cheek, a startupper, passionate as a billion dollars, Cheek mails her cards all over the U.S. inspiring everyone who believes in love at first sight to act on their dreams when they sight a dreamy stranger… [Read More]



The most innovative dating, relationship, and sex startups. Here are just a few

TheIceBreak TheComplete.Me

Dating Sauce

moosify Cheek'd Pair Dink Life - Double Income No Kids Lifestyle Cupid Curated
Kouply your virtual sim

the distilled man TrintMe redzu
upvotes   Sexual Chocolate bodytexture
Sex With Emily  cherrypick pure Sonar
  CrowdFlower Endorphin comiingle  Six3
 letslunch Cupidtino


Sepideh Nasiri

Shayan Zadeh

Brian Browman

Will Bunker

Mark Brooks

 Sepideh Nasiri


Mark Rose

Will Bunker

Mark Rose

Brian Hamel

Barrett Cohn

Shannon Carter

Mark Brooks Rob Theis Anis Uzzaman George Kellerman

 Mark Brooks

Rob Theis

Anis Uzzaman

George Kellerman

Adam Jackson

Media Partners

Online Personals Watch


  pariSoma Logo


Special Guest: Will Bunker, the founder of (now, also considered the father of online dating
[box type="default" size="large"] 1. All startups will demo their products in demo booths 2. All attendees will be able to vote for startups 3. The top three winning startups will present to a panel of  angel investors on stage [/box]
[box type="default" size="large"] 7:00pm – 9:00pm – Time to see all startups and vote on the ones you love 9:00pm – 9:30pm – See the star winners pitch to investors on stage 9:30pm – 10pm — Network with funders and founders[/box]


It might be easy to meet people, but finding the most innovative thinkers, the most inspired entrepreneurs and genius professionals is not commonplace. At Life 3.0 we are about gathering with a purpose – we come here to see the future we are building through companies that have a huge vision.


Life 3.0 is the place  to attract new users, get press coverage, and negotiate funding. At Life 3.0 we bring together the latest and greatest startups and give them the platform to demo their products to early adopters, potential customers, media, and angels and VCs. The winners (top 3) will pitch from the stage to a panel of seven angels.  The Startup’s success all comes down to their ability to show their product.


The Golden Room - Venue View Larger Map

The Gold Room at The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco 950 Mason St, San Francisco, 94108

Call us at (415) 735-4337 DIRECTIONS: From Caltrain: Get off at King and 4th St. Station, then take MUNI (30 min) or taxi (10 min) From BART: Get off at Powell St. Station, then walk (15 min) or take taxi (5 min) From SFO Airport: Take Highway 101 North into the city or take BART to Powell St Station PARKING: Free – Across the street along California St. or Stockton St. in Chinatown Garage – AMPCO 1051 Taylor st, around $20 for 3 hours Valet – corner of Powell and California Streets. $54.00 USD per night including unlimited access. Rates subject to change.

The Fairmont Hotel
The Venue
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