The Winning Startups from Life 3.0 – Love, Sex, and Tech

Life 3.0 - Love, Sex, and Tech

Life 3.0 – Love, Sex, and Tech

If you stopped by the Fairmont Hotel Last night, you would have seen what happens what you put startup entrepreneurs to the task of creating dating and sex products. No, it was not your regular dating sites. How about reverse dating sites? iPhone vibrators? Slow Sex manuals? Date-in-a-box? DINK (double-income no-kids) life?
45 different startups came to complete for the title of the Best Startup. The entire audience of 500 people voted. And the winners are… – a New York Startup that enables you to let good-looking strangers know that you are interested. Founded by Lori Cheek, a startupper, passionate as a billion dollars, Cheek mails her cards all over the U.S. inspiring everyone who believes in love at first sight to act on their dreams when they sight a dreamy stranger.
In the second place came Closer ToGetHer, an app that controls iPhone-powered vibrators for distance couples. the founder, Justin Wilcox, has ambitions to supply the military with his app and partner with sex toy makers to help all long-distance couples enjoy each other and preserve fidelity.

Unsurprisingly, in the third place came a Singaporean startup Vibease, a smart-phone app that powers a distant vibrator. The founder, Dema Tio, created a fantasy world where video, music and vibrations are aimed to help women achieve orgasm. That was the pitch he delivered via video from Singapore.

So, back to Life 3.0 – what’s it going to be like for daters and lovers? Well, according to what we saw today in the future dating is going to be real-life, and less website-style. Women will have more privileges on dating services than men, such that men get more involvement from women, and women less bulk messages from men. Sex is going to be slow. Sometimes, people will have distance sex. Orgasms are going to become more available, with the help of apps and gadgets. Couples will become frequent users of dating services that help them stay in the relationship and keep things interesting. They will use services like date-in-a-box, to diversify their love lives. And, perhaps, people will love each other more because with all this tech helping you choose the right one and stay with the one, you are more likely to find and keep the love of your life. Welcome to the future.

Anna Vital, Founder
Funders and Founders

You can see all the startups that participated here.
And for all of you around the world who was not there last night, you can cast your vote here. You can also win three dates in a box if you tweet @FundersFounders and @theicebreak your favorite place to go on a date before May 1st.

Which one do YOU think should have been the winner?